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Modernizing the infrastructure is increasing the demand for Lineman.

One more reason that lineman jobs are in high demand across the country is the increased demand by the US government and local governments to further modernize the electric grid. The chart below shows some of the proposed transmission lines. 

Lineman Industry Outlook Map

Generation X is leaving the workforce.......

Linemen who were born between 1965 to 1980 are considered to be in Generation X. As this section of the workforce continues to age out of the workforce it will continue to create high-demand lineman jobs. Each year thousands of linemen retire. There are frankly more linemen retiring than there are new linemen entering the trade. Simple math is a problem for the line industry. However, it is an opportunity for current line workers; pay is expected to continue to increase. 

Career Opportunities

MLC offers all their students a solid, initial career step with multiple opportunities to pursue within the outside electrical industry.  Students that complete the program will be qualified for many positions in the industry including but not limited to: 

Apprentice Lineman


Substation Technician

Meter Reader

Equipment Operator

Warehouse Assistant

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