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College vs. Trades

While college is a good option for some people, it isn't for everyone — and not going to a four-year college doesn't mean you can't have a meaningful and well-paying career. More people than ever before have a college degree, but a four-year program isn't the only way to be successful.  

Too often, students who do well in high school are typically steered toward college and degree related careers and away from trade school and careers in the trades.   But the truth is you need smarts—and so much more—for careers in the trades, not just for college.

  As the saying goes, “Apprenticeship, the original four-year degree”.  Ben Franklin and Paul Revere were apprentices back in their days.


If you’re wondering, “Should I go to college or trade school?” here are a few things to keep in mind as you weigh your options and make your decision. 

What we offer...

Hands on Education

Hands on teaching is prioritized to help students build the skills they need to use in their career and prepare them to enter the work force. 

Less Debt

 Trades school’s costs vary widely, depending on how long the program is, but most don’t come near the cost of a 4-year public college.

An almost gaurenteed job

  The electrical field is one of the highest trades in demand, The demand for electricity across the world is always increasing.

A job in the right field

75% of trade school graduates enter careers related to their field of study.  

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