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How to pay for your education?  You’re not alone, most students have the same question. Remember your education is an investment, with the potential of a great return. Below are a few options to fund your education. 

Types of Funding

Personal Loans

 MLC does not receive, participate, or qualify for federal student loans (Title IV Funding).  However, private loans are accepted.  Private loans are becoming more common and most can be applied online.  

State Funding

Workforce innovation and opportunity act (WIOA) Government program that allows individuals what are unemployed to receive funds for retraining  


Trade act assistance program Government program that allows individuals funding to who are unemployed due to layoffs 


Scholarships can take time and research to acquire, however it is often worth the effort.  Every little bit helps.  Consider searching and applying for scholarships at your high school, organizations in the community, employers, power companies and minority organizations. 

NECA Low Income Student Scholarship


Sean Norton Military Scholarship

Scholarship Application


Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative Academic Scholarship Program 

International Linemans Rodeo Scholarship 
Midwest Electric Corporative Corporation 
Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative 

Veteran’s Electrical Entry Program (VEEP)  

VEEP was developed to provide transitioning service members and recently separated veterans the ability to re-enter the civilian workforce in a high demand field. By completing the VEEP preapprenticeship a qualifying participant gains direct entry in to an electrical apprenticeship at a location of their choosing.  Go to for more information about VEEP

* VEEP applicants do not have a state restriction when applying to MLC 

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